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Plumbing, Sewer, & Drain Repair in the San Joaquin Valley

Whether you're looking at clogged drains, a remodeling job, or sink pipes that need tightening and maintenance - you can trust us to get the job done right and to do it fast.

Plumbing Services:

  • General Plumbing Repairs
  • Toilet Repair
  • Plumbing Inspections & Tune-Ups
  • Trenchless Sewer Replacement
  • Sewer Video Inspections
  • Hydrojetting
  • Installation of sinks, toilets, fixtures
  • Garbage disposal repair and replacement
  • Much more
Faucet repair — water conditioning in Manteca, CA
Pipeline sewer camera — Greer Family Plumbing in Manteca, CA

Sewer Repair

Sometimes what you thought was a simple drain line clog turns into something bigger like a broken sewer line. You may find out about the break in a few different ways. You have repeated drain line stoppages…a technician cleared the line and pulled back tree roots…there’s a spot in the line where the plumber’s drain equipment hangs up…or there’s a lingering sewer odor. Usually the technician can camera the line and show you the location of the break. The only time this isn’t effective is when the line is really separated and is filled with mud. Then there isn’t much to see on the video.

Helpful things to know about drain line replacement and repair.

The tree roots didn’t break your drain line. When a technician finds tree roots in your drain line, it would seem that the growing tree roots broke the line. However, what really happens is that the tree roots find the break and begin using it as a water source. Sometimes the initial break in the line is small, but a little root finds the break and works its way into the line. It then continues to grow and makes a ball of roots that gets bigger over time inside the drain line. Drain lines are replaced or repaired in different ways depending on the location. If the break is in the yard line, we dig down to the line and replace either the bad section or the entire line. It just depends on what the problem is and the age of the existing line. Sometimes it’s best to replace an entire line if it is old. If the break is under the foundation near the exterior, we tunnel underneath the foundation and make the repair. Breaks near the interior of the home may be accessed through the foundation. Our technicians understand how disruptive this option can be and make every effort to work quickly, keep your home free of debris, and clean up afterwards.
Sewer repair — sewer and drainage maintenance in Manteca, CA

Slab Leak Detection

The ground shifts with changes in temperature for hot to cold and conditions from dry to wet. Initial construction issues also contribute to the problem. Since we don’t have much cold weather here, water lines are not always insulated. Sometimes water lines are touching and develop holes over time because of the constant wear. There are also instances where we find a water line encased in a concrete beam and that’s where the break has occurred.

Drain Cleaning

If you find that your morning shower is turning into a bath because the water isn’t draining…or if your dishwater is still standing in the sink from the night before…or if the toilet is clogged and EVERYTHING is backed up, we are here to help you.

Here’s how we can help:

Drain cleaning is under warranty for 30 days. If it stops draining after we leave, we will come back out for free. Usually a repeated stoppage is an indicator that we may need to camera the drain line to make sure there aren’t any breaks. And there’s always the chance that the problem isn’t the drain line at all, but what is getting put down the drain. Toys…potato peelings…your left over fiber supplement…super fluffy toilet paper…builder grade toilets…these things aren’t kind to drains!
Man repairing the tub — drain repair in Manteca, CA

Everything you need to know about keeping your drains clear.

The best way to clear a clogged drain line is through clean outs. Cleanouts are sometimes on the outside wall of your house covered with a cap. You may have seen this outside near where your kitchen sink is located. Other times a clean out is a PVC pipe with a cap over it in the front flower bed. Most homes have them, but that isn’t always true. Sometimes there really isn’t one…Sometimes there isn’t one close enough to where the stoppage is in the line…and sometimes there is one, but it hasn’t been used in so long that it is buried under landscaping and mulch. We can clear a line without clean outs, but it isn’t ideal. When there isn’t a clean out, the best option is to install one so that the line can be cleared completely and it provides easy access when another stoppage occurs. The other options for clearing a line are clearing it from a roof vent, cutting into a vent line in the attic, pulling a toilet, or digging up the yard line. Each of these options comes with additional challenges, but our plumbers are all experienced professionals that can help you determine your best solution.

Drain cleaner purchased at the grocery is bad for you and your drains. I know that there are a ton of brands out there and shelves full of these products in stores. We have all seen the commercials about how quickly they dissolve clogs. Please just call us instead. Those chemicals are dangerous and you and your family shouldn’t be breathing them. They aren’t good for the environment either. And finally, they aren’t good for your plumbing and may not even solve your problem. Most drain cleaners only dissolve certain things. Grease, yes. Hair, no. Drain cleaners are also corrosive and will damage older cast iron and copper lines over time.
Water Filtration — plumber in Metaca, CA

Water Filtration

Let’s be honest. It is time to ditch the plastic water bottles. We can help you make the switch by setting you up with a reverse osmosis unit at the kitchen sink for drinking water or a whole house water conditioning system to remove contaminants from all the water your family uses. Start enjoying great tasting drinking water and healthy chlorine-free showers. You will love the options we have available for water treatment. Our whole house water conditioning system doesn’t need filter changes and it comes with a full 10-year warranty. The reverse osmosis unit we install carries a Gold Seal of approval from the Water Quality Association.

Clean it up

Nature tries to give us clean water. Through the water cycle, rainwater is filtered into our oceans, lakes, and rivers. The water picks up added minerals that harden the water. Unfortunately, water also picks up a lot of things that pollute it, too. The cities are cleaning the water for the masses. Our cities do what they can to improve our water quality through large-scale water treatment processes. However, treating water for the masses leaves behind contaminants and adds cleaning bi-products created through chemical reactions during water treatment. We need more filtering at our homes to provide clean water for our families. Because the cities just can’t do it all, we need secondary water filtration in our homes. Whole house water conditioners and reverse osmosis units give us options to live healthier lives…leaving those plastic water bottles behind for good.

Water Conditioning Units

Water Conditioning, Greer Family Plumbing in Manteca, CA

Naturally Clean

Water conditioning through ion exchange & carbon filters. Our whole house water conditioning system filters and softens your water through ion exchange and natural carbon filtration, removing contaminants. There are no water filters to change. The water conditioner uses a brine tank to clean itself at pre-set times, which regenerates the filter media and drains away collected contaminants. This means there are no filters to change. All the unit needs is a bit of potassium (which we use) or salt in the brine tank for cleaning the filter media.

Reverse Osmosis

Consider another level of clean for your family’s drinking water

If you aren’t quite ready for whole house filtration, consider reverse osmosis at the kitchen sink to purify the water your family uses for drinking and cooking. If you have whole house filtration, an RO unit provides a new level of clean for the portion of water your family drinks. We can also upgrade your RO with a UV filter for removing the last traces of pharmaceutical contaminants left by other filtration as a final stage of purification and add a premium faucet to match your decor.
Drinking water from the faucet — reverse osmosis in Manteca, CA